Thursday 13 September 2018

Life is an Elevator

I know this is rather a strange post, maybe I was drunk at the time I wrote it! But I try to describe that the mind (well, OK..... my mind) has different levels rather like a lift in a department store. The changes are very rapid between womens' lingerie and kitchen goods.

The Word “lift” is rather prosaic in English; I much prefer ascensor in Spanish or elevator in American. Why do I say that? Well, it’s a metaphor for life in a way (and you can call me pretentious!) Let me explain. I think we will all agree that our modern world is full of noise, whether it be digital or analogue – who cares? Well, I care because the elevator has many floors but not all of them are immediately apparent. Enter at the ground floor and pretty young girls with bottles of perfume seduce us. But be quiet for a moment. Did you not know that the elevator actually goes below the basement (kitchen goods), a lot further down. And upwards.

I used to have a recurring dream about a lift which, when it reached the top floor, it lurched sideways with a loud clattering sound and carried on but horizontally, visiting various places in the rooftops rather like Mary Poppins.

And then I like to imagine a pond – I used to have a wild-life pond in my garden in the UK and sat transfixed by the damselflies climbing out of the water to enjoy their brief courtship in the open air. I even had a couple of dragonfly larvae in the pond but I had bought some smooth white stones and one of them slipped off as it sought its life in the air only to be devoured by the pond skaters.

As the waters become calm, I can see below the surface, to use the metaphor, I go below kitchen goods to another world. And it is full of wonderful things which are there waiting for us if only we will be quiet for a moment. This is nothing new; there are dozens of ways of reaching this floor. But one doesn’t have to sign up for Transcendental Meditation (take a daffodil and learn a mantra) or meditation.

To enter the floors below Kitchen Goods means opening up some of the less beneficial thoughts in our minds and that might not be totally welcome. I meet Depression at Floor -3 but, with it, comes a greater feeling of things around me and now my art benefits from that. At the present time, 2018, I am the artist previously by the name of electronics engineer.