Tuesday 18 September 2018

An Introduction to my Autobiography

I have had the text of this autobiography prepared for a long time and finally I have posted it online. But who will read it? A few friends maybe. But I am not famous so I won't make any money out of it and I want to make money writing. I have had my fair share of narrow escapes from disaster... .and in some cases, I did not escape. So what I will do now is create a novel from this story. I can change names, even my name because it will be written in the third person. And I can include events which I can't relate here. And of course, I will invent events, or take events which are real but alter what happened afterwards. The novel is already in progress and I hope to finish it around the end of the year. It is called Logic Park.

Although this is a blog, the posts are in reverse order to the events as they happened so that you read it like a book. Otherwise, you will have had to go to the end of the blog to read the first chapter!  

I thought a lot about doing this and I am a little bit scared. Many of the things here, I haven't even said to close friends. But I wanted do do it, to say, "This is who I am." In the Sunday colour supplements sometimes celebrities open their souls which is very brave. I am not famous, what I am doing is not brave!